One Room Challenge: Bathroom Remodel – Accents

This week I am focusing on the accents. In my previous posts, I have addressed the major unplanned challenges and sink replacement we had in our bathroom remodel plans. Those were the bigger tasks that took time up front and are likely not the major things that guests will focus on when they use our bathroom (nobody looks at the pipes, right?). They tend to focus on the decor and the aesthetics of how a room feels and looks. 
Knowing that we recently painted our front room, tv room, kitchen and office the same beautiful mauve color, I wanted the bathroom to stand out and be a little bit different. I decided to accent our bathroom with stark black accents. To get inspo, I searched the hashtag #blackandwhitebathroom — oh man, so many good designs to go off of. As you can see in the images below, I went for it with all of the accents being black. I thought it might be too much, but it actually turned out to not be so overwhelming. See below for some before and afters and progress shots of the accents in the bathroom!  Spray paint can do a whole lot of good! I used black matte spray paint on may of the removable features, as well as a clear matte spray paint finish. I also used an enamel black paint and primer on the features like the bathtub, light fixture and ceiling fan. Turned our really well. 
Brown to Black Ceiling Fan!

Silver Light Fixture and Mirror to Black Light Fixture and Mirror!
White Bath Tub to Black Bath Tub!
Silver Door Knobs and Cabinet Cub Handles to Black Door Knobs and Black Cabinet Cup Handles!
Spray painted black the toilet roll holder, caddie basket, and mason jar lids!
Spray painting day before and after progress shots!


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