An Intentional MLK Jr. Day

This MLK Jr. day I reflect on the inequities in our world and how I can help bring about a more just and fair place on this earth. It’s a mentality that I need to keep at the forefront of my mind year round and I am choosing to be intentional about that this year.

My #motivationalmonday is short and sweet and too the point this Monday.

1. I encourage you to look into meditation. Meditation is not something that I have done for a long time but have come to find it SO helpful as I have gotten older. There is guided and non-guided meditation and I appreciate guided because it stops my brain from thinking about all the other things going on in my life. I listened to this Meditation by Chel Hamilton today on intentions and it spoke to me.

2. Intension! Let’s all be intensional this 2021. In the meditation Chel talks about intension and visualizing a glowing ball of light that you continually flowing more light into to keep your intensions bright!

3. Ultimately, our intensions set us on a track to achieving our goals and that require us to write them down and keep them present in our minds. So get started with writing down those goals, keeping intensional, and embracing a meditation even if it’s just every now and then. It’s an amazing reset. ✨

Backyard Transformation

From zero to…heaven 🌟 our backyard has gone through quite the transformation over the past five years. We are excited to continue making changes to our yard space in the coming year!

There is something about outdoor space that feels like it can be remodeled over and over and every time it feels like a new space.

When I bought our house seven years ago, the backyard was a pile of dirt (see below). Through many transformations, we have created a beautiful deck that my dad and I built ourselves, a homemade garden bed, and rock and lawn landscaping that has been wonderful to watch grow.

As we move into the near future, my hubs and I are dreaming big. Our home has provided us with such a wonderful sanctuary, especially this last year, and we want to keep investing in it. We are planning on doing some more landscaping changes this year to accommodate future changes to the yard…like big changes (I’ll just hint at me wanting a hot tub, hopefully in our near future). It may not be this year but we will prepare the yard this year for such dreams to come true! Keep dreaming my friends! With persistence our dreams can come true.

New Year Resolutions

With the start of the new year upon us, I am writing down my goals for this next 365 days. I already know that there will be significant changes that happen during this year so I am being realistic and flexible with myself as I plan. However, this year I am instituting better structures for me to keep to my goals and check in on my progress.

2021 can be your year! ✨ I am starting a new series, where each Monday we have a motivational Monday chat! Here at @theavianangle, this platform is all about finding inspiration and inspiring others as a community!

This first talk, I’m featuring the Rachel Hollis podcast where she talks moving into 2021. She begs the question, what do you want to do to feel good and live your best life. In our #motivationalmonday talk, I touch on the lessons she shares in her podcast. And you guys – I listened to this podcast 3 times, 3 times!! – it was that inspiring to me!

A few lessons she shares:

✨ take time to journal and process, let go, and release to help understand yourself in living YOUR BEST LIFE!

✨ review your calendar and ask yourself what was worth your time and what was a waste of time, money or energy!

✨ make sure your days and weeks include things that make your feel good (going for a run, getting a massage or pedicure). Use colors in your calendar or highlighters if you use a planner. Make sure the color you use for personal rejuvenation/pleasure is sprinkled throughout your week to keep you motivated!

We close our chat with the message, you have the power to break down 2021 into bite size pieces to accomplish your goals. 360 days, 52 weeks and 12 months to fill your cup with all this things that inspire you!