the avian angle.

The avian angle is a platform for inspiring creativity and wellness in our daily lives. I share motivating and inspiring content to find brilliance in the simple every day things. My perspective is from the bird’s eye view, to see both altruistic and artistic perspective.

The Avian Angle Etsy Shop is where I make and sell handmade accessories. Check out the shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/theavianangle


cropped-cropped-img_561611.jpgbehind the angle. meet missy.

I aspire to write and exercise creativity, which led me to develop the avian angle platform. I feel and find inspiration when it comes to health, well being, travel, crafting and creating, and all of the beautiful, simple things life has to offer. I am an outdoor adventurer, pug lover, rom com enthusiast, and bourbon connoisseur.


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