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One room challenge: office, part 1

We are at it again! The one room challenge. If you are familiar with it, then skim on down to the good part – the before pictures! But if you are new, the one room challenge is an 8 week home decor challenge to transform a room or space in your house. More on the…

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This post has been a long time in the making! We had our bathroom remodel starting back in December 2021. We had our kitchen remodel in January 2022 that spilled over into March 2022. Life pretty quickly got away from us and here we are. But I’m so excited to share the before and after…

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Front Door Dreams

Door of my dreams ✨🚪✨ We have had a functional white door for the last seven years. The gold rickety knob was something I never took for granted, but always hoped for an upgrade. I always dreamed of replacing our front door so we could have a magical front entry. We are getting closer to…

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Backyard Transformation

From zero to…heaven 🌟 our backyard has gone through quite the transformation over the past five years. We are excited to continue making changes to our yard space in the coming year! There is something about outdoor space that feels like it can be remodeled over and over and every time it feels like a…

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Built-in Transformation

#transformationtuesday ❗️some projects take a few days, other projects take a few years! We’ve made small changes to our kitchen but this has been one of the most rewarding projects. To see the transformation from the olive green original color is just eye opening. We love the built ins in our home. It brings such…

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Backyard Renovations!

BEFORE & AFTER! 🌱 It took us nearly 6 years but we have made our own backyard paradise! Our original yard was literally a dumping ground. It had junk, old doors, and dirt covered everything. There was no single plant or greenery in the yard! The one thing that we salvaged was the swing frame…

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