Backyard Transformation

From zero to…heaven 🌟 our backyard has gone through quite the transformation over the past five years. We are excited to continue making changes to our yard space in the coming year!

There is something about outdoor space that feels like it can be remodeled over and over and every time it feels like a new space.

When I bought our house seven years ago, the backyard was a pile of dirt (see below). Through many transformations, we have created a beautiful deck that my dad and I built ourselves, a homemade garden bed, and rock and lawn landscaping that has been wonderful to watch grow.

As we move into the near future, my hubs and I are dreaming big. Our home has provided us with such a wonderful sanctuary, especially this last year, and we want to keep investing in it. We are planning on doing some more landscaping changes this year to accommodate future changes to the yard…like big changes (I’ll just hint at me wanting a hot tub, hopefully in our near future). It may not be this year but we will prepare the yard this year for such dreams to come true! Keep dreaming my friends! With persistence our dreams can come true.

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