One Room Challenge – Bathroom Remodel: Unplanned Challenges

This week in the ORC recap, I am talking about our first week of real work. Below are the snapshots of what we were starting with. We had painted the bathroom completely white last fall to give us a blank slate to start from in this bathroom remodel project.

The old medicine cabinet that we were unsure if we could take down ourselves.

The 90s style mirror that we removed.

The wall shelf that we lowered due to it being too high and not as functional.

Here’s a snapshot of the things that I got done in the bathroom during the first week:

  • Sanded doors and walls where smoothing was needed
  • Used putty for uneven walls and doors to fill in holes
  • Removed wall vanity and lowered by one level to make it more accessible
  • Removed bathroom mirror above sink and filled in holes with putty




The unplanned challenge for this week was ultimately removing the old medicine cabinet from above our toilet. Not even above our toilet but overhead, as in a bumping hazard when you get up from going to the bathroom. I was debating whether or not to remove this old cabinet. The thought of doing so was just so daunting. When it came down to it, I know the look I was going for in our bathroom was more modern than this antique design. So I decided to take it down, and all in all, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I just needed a little help from the husband to lift it off the wall.

Removing the old medicine cabinet! Turns out, we could do it after all!

The wall behind the medicine cabinet stayed in pretty good shape. With some simple clean up and paint the wall will be as good as new again! Stay tuned for more #orc unplanned challenges!

To view more room renovations from the official One Room Challenge blog, please visit:

2 responses to “One Room Challenge – Bathroom Remodel: Unplanned Challenges”

  1. Yay old houses! That medicine cabinet is so cool – we worked so hard to find one for our guest bath. I wonder if you could strip the excess paint and hang it above the toilet? The original placement was definitely so weird but it could replace the cluttered racks above the loo with it, I think more closed storage would look great with your design plan. We’ve done three modern craftsman baths in the last two years, excited to watch yours come along!


  2. […] This week I am focusing on the accents. In my previous posts, I have addressed the major unplanned challenges and sink replacement we had in our bathroom remodel plans. Those were the bigger tasks that took […]


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