One Room Challenge Planning – Bathroom Remodel

It’s Week 2 of the One Room Challenge and this week I’m sharing a SNEAK PEAK at my design, how I find inspiration to take on a project and the fairly easy steps I take to starting and finishing a project.

Step 1: Find some inspiration!

The best way for me to find inspiration is when I’m scrolling and seeing other accounts work on fund exciting similar projects. I am all about creating a platform to create and inspire others, so I too look for that in other accounts. For this project, I searched the hashtag ‘black and white bathroom’ (HINT: thats a spoiler for part of our design!) and I created a folder in my saved tab on Instagram called, ‘Bathroom Remodel’. This way, I had one place where I could save all of my ideas of what we should do in our bathroom.

Step 2: Sketch your design!

I then took to sketching out my ideas. I am a very visual person and it helps me to draw out what I am thinking in terms of renovations and design so I can really see the changes I am planning on making. I sketched out several iterations of our bathroom as I was playing around with the design.

Step 3: Create your color palette!

In my sketching, I also start to label the colors of accents in the room, so I can get a better feel for the final color palette of the overall remodel. I think its important to recognize that color is a big determining factor for the look and feel of a space. Also if you are doing multiple colors, I always try to get a sense if there is going to be good color balance in the room.

Step 4: Create a supplies list!

Next, I create a supplies list of the things I will need to complete the remodel. If I am painting the walls, I will need to purchase the right paint, brushes, tarp, and possibly some wall putty and something to sand with to smooth out any imperfections on the wall. I walk through my sketch design to determine the list of supplies I need and then I am able to purchase them all so I have those items on hand to be able to start the project.

Step 5: Make an task/action list and timeline!

Typically my last step before starting my project, is to create an task list or list of actions that will need to get done and the timeline in which I will complete them. For the #oneroomchallenge, this is very helpful to be able to know when certain tasks will be completed to be able to keep your project on track. I always try to do the difficult parts of a project first to be able to complete the messy, exhausting and extensive work first, and then I focus on the small details that really make the room pop.

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