One Room Challenge: Bathroom Remodel – Sink Replacement

This week on the one room challenge…replacing our sink bowl and sink faucet in our bathroom remodel!

Our sink bowl had a large crack in it that we couldn’t it fix with any type of filler. After trying several times, we knew we would have to replace the sink bowl.

We opted to use excellent This Old House video tutorials to learn how to replace our pedestal sink bowl and then the faucet. We detached the sink from the water and drain pipes, removed the old sink bowl, replaced it with the new sink bowl and attached the new sink faucet. It sounds simple but we had to make sure that none of the valves were going to leak once back in place. Pedestal sinks are hard to work with since they are so close to the wall. We went with a black simple sink faucet to match the black and white them of our new bathroom remodel.

This was by far the biggest challenge we knew we would encounter in our remodel. More exciting changes are to follow.

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