An Intentional MLK Jr. Day

This MLK Jr. day I reflect on the inequities in our world and how I can help bring about a more just and fair place on this earth. It’s a mentality that I need to keep at the forefront of my mind year round and I am choosing to be intentional about that this year.

My #motivationalmonday is short and sweet and too the point this Monday.

1. I encourage you to look into meditation. Meditation is not something that I have done for a long time but have come to find it SO helpful as I have gotten older. There is guided and non-guided meditation and I appreciate guided because it stops my brain from thinking about all the other things going on in my life. I listened to this Meditation by Chel Hamilton today on intentions and it spoke to me.

2. Intension! Let’s all be intensional this 2021. In the meditation Chel talks about intension and visualizing a glowing ball of light that you continually flowing more light into to keep your intensions bright!

3. Ultimately, our intensions set us on a track to achieving our goals and that require us to write them down and keep them present in our minds. So get started with writing down those goals, keeping intensional, and embracing a meditation even if it’s just every now and then. It’s an amazing reset. ✨

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