New Year Resolutions

With the start of the new year upon us, I am writing down my goals for this next 365 days. I already know that there will be significant changes that happen during this year so I am being realistic and flexible with myself as I plan. However, this year I am instituting better structures for me to keep to my goals and check in on my progress.

2021 can be your year! ✨ I am starting a new series, where each Monday we have a motivational Monday chat! Here at @theavianangle, this platform is all about finding inspiration and inspiring others as a community!

This first talk, I’m featuring the Rachel Hollis podcast where she talks moving into 2021. She begs the question, what do you want to do to feel good and live your best life. In our #motivationalmonday talk, I touch on the lessons she shares in her podcast. And you guys – I listened to this podcast 3 times, 3 times!! – it was that inspiring to me!

A few lessons she shares:

✨ take time to journal and process, let go, and release to help understand yourself in living YOUR BEST LIFE!

✨ review your calendar and ask yourself what was worth your time and what was a waste of time, money or energy!

✨ make sure your days and weeks include things that make your feel good (going for a run, getting a massage or pedicure). Use colors in your calendar or highlighters if you use a planner. Make sure the color you use for personal rejuvenation/pleasure is sprinkled throughout your week to keep you motivated!

We close our chat with the message, you have the power to break down 2021 into bite size pieces to accomplish your goals. 360 days, 52 weeks and 12 months to fill your cup with all this things that inspire you!


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