Living Room Reveal!

I’m so excited to share our living room redesign. We started this project with wanting to paint the entire house one color. We decided (after many trips back to Home Depot) on a soft color called mink haze. It’s not really a gray and it’s not really a taupe. It’s just wonderful and very soothing.

We received our new couches on Saturday and wanted to play off of our existing rug from Ikea that is a gray chevron pattern. So we decided on a granite microfiber love seat with center console and an oversized chair with an ottoman that is a peppercorn texture and cream and gray tones. Both pieces are from Ashley Home Furniture. I actually mis calculated the size of the room and we had to figure out this layout but I absolutely love it. It’s simple yet audible if we have guests over we can add chairs and move the ottoman around.

I really spent a lot of time cleaning our the things that we don’t use and got ride of them, keeping only the pieces of furniture that we like.

See below for the BEFORE PHOTOS! What a transformation!

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