30 years young

The 30s List.

There is something about turning 30 years old that changes you. 30 feels like a book that you have read over and over and can recite the words to. Even though it’s familiar, the next 30++ years seem far away and unknown. But that doesn’t change how this moment feels. There’s no better feeling than being ready for the unknown, where you take what you thus far and apply it as best you can. That’s what 30 feels like. Making the best decisions in life with what you know and what you’ve got.

This next chapter for me is a lot about self love, reflection, and prioritizing only the good things. The things that feel good, with no regard for what others thinks (because life is too short, right?!) Cheers to the next chapter 💕

So here’s my 30s List.

Things to do once 30:

(From 30 here forward)

1. Finish our home renovations (aka settle down)

2. Say NO and let the good things come to you.

3. Travel at least once per year.

4. Pro-create!

5. Make feeling good and healthy a priority

6. Prioritize self love

7. Embrace your inner quirkiness

8. Stop giving a f*%! (Stop caring what other people think)

9. Love on my people more

10. Viva la bonne vie!

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