Sunnies for You!

The sun is finally(!) out and I want to spend each day outside, all day long. What a winter it has been with rain, hail, and now sunshine. There is always something rejuvenating about living in a city (Sacramento, yaya!) that has true seasonal changes. For me, it’s a similar feeling as changing your bedding sheets. The crisp, fresh laundry scent of new sheets always makes me feel rejuvenated if I’m having troubles sleeping. Spring is Sacramento is so refreshing, despite the extra amount of pollen, the whole city changes from bare branches to bright green leaves and new growth. There is something about it every year that makes me want to turn a new leaf.

Changing with the season this year, I’m also changing my look! I’ve partnered with hashtag-sunglasses to get a new pair of sunnies! You took can get 10% off and free shipping by using the following discount code: NewShades4You, when purchasing your next pair!

Check out their different shades on their website! There were too many to choose from! I went with the ‘celebrity’ pair in beige and gray. Happy sunnies shopping, friends!

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