New year, new me.

I’m excited to share that I am finally sitting down to write out my new year resolutions. I have started thinking of these as the hobbies and activities that I want to spend more time doing, because they make me happy. My intention is to breathe more light and happiness into my life in the next year so I can breathe that into other’s lives. 2018 is a big year. I am engaged and marrying my best friend – the person who has stood by me and supported me without hesitation. In starting this next chapter together, I want to start a new chapter for myself. One where I am stronger and more confident and fully in control of my being. I hope you are able to find time to reflect on your own intentions for 2018 and are able to live them freely.

  1. Eat healthy and find joy in cooking.
  2. Journal more to find clarity in my thoughts.
  3. Sew more to express my creative side.
  4. Keep fit and active.
  5. Read more and find time to slow down by enjoying a good novel.

Hope you find joy and happiness in the new year!

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