Take a hike. 

Take a hike in somebody else’s shoes for a while. It’s not hard to imagine. Let yourself go. Don’t think of your needs or what hoops you are jumping through, think of others. Look at their life, and think about their daily demands, stresses, and hurdles. Envision their life in front of yours. See the path that they walk every day. What does it looks like to you? Take your voice in your head and throw it out the window. Now try to hear their voice. It’s easy to hear your own thoughts but think about someone else for a short minute. Then go back to your own voice in your own head and see if there is a change. 

In this short hike and experiment of walking in someone else’s shoes, I have found openness, empathy, and clarity in my own thoughts and how I consider others. In times of turmoil, aggression, chaos or uncomfortable interactions, think of taking a hike in someone’s else’s shoes. It may lead to an answer you didn’t know you were looking for. It may lead to something beautiful. 

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