2017. to a healthier lifestyle. 

it was hard to make my resolution list this year. being that every year I get carried away and often times end up with some many ambitious goals, I don’t actually get half of them done. in a way, this approach was making me feel worse about my current goals and achievements, because I always ended up feeling not as accomplished as I could have been.
so, this year, I have made one primary goal – to live a healthier lifestyle. health touches so many aspects of our life from work, sleep, exercise, friendships, leisure, intimacy, and the list could continue on and on. this year, I am determined to be a healthier me which (hopefully) will be accomplished in many ways:

  • a healthier physique – including weigh loss and increased exercise
  • a healthier work schedule – including leaving work on time and taking breaks
  • a healthier sleep schedule – making sure I get enough sleep daily
  • a healthier friend – being a more reliable and present friend to others
  • a healthier mind – making time to read more
  • a healthier leisure time – making time for crafting, sewing, and tv
  • a healthier soul – journaling and blogging as a creative expression

this may take some time, as I have already had to shift my day to day activities to embrace this lifestyle change. but I feel fortunate to be able to recognize when I need to change and that I am dedicating myself to me.

this year is about taking a hold of my life and lifestyle. i am aiming to inspire one person and that is me. to push myself to be live well and to allow expression to come naturally. i know that I can inspire a truly happier and healthier me.        ~ m


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