One Room Challenge Planning – Bathroom Remodel

It’s Week 2 of the One Room Challenge and this week I’m sharing a SNEAK PEAK at my design, how I find inspiration to take on a project and the fairly easy steps I take to starting and finishing a project. Step 1: Find some inspiration! The best way for me to find inspiration isContinue reading “One Room Challenge Planning – Bathroom Remodel”

One Room Challenge – Prep-Week: Bathroom Remodel Background

Hello friends! Have you ever put yourself out there to try something 100% new? Well this is my very first attempt at the One Room Challenge and I am so glad to have you follow along in this journey because quite frankly I am scared to do it at all! You might be asking whatContinue reading “One Room Challenge – Prep-Week: Bathroom Remodel Background”

Next Batch of Handsewn Masks

My next batch of new face masks are up in my Etsy Shop! Seven new masks are available with custom patterns and quantities up-to-date on Etsy 😷 I’m so happy to help provide these resources during this time. Slow the spread and be sure to wear your mask…These masks are pre-washed, handsewn, double line (noContinue reading “Next Batch of Handsewn Masks”