A Recap from Puerto Vallarta!

In March of this year, I traveled to Puerto Vallarta for a spectacular beach wedding. The best part about the trip was being able to stay for a week in paradise and making new friends with all of the wedding attendees.

I traveled with one of my girlfriends and we decided to do a jungle adventure, which I highly recommend. We ziplined for 8 hours and swung across canyons and through tree canopies (all while shrieking our heads off!). Vallarta Adventures was an amazing group and I would highly recommend their tours.

We enjoyed beautiful evenings on the beach and fun-day, sunny days in the pool with our favorite drinks in hand. The resort, Marival Resort, is located in Nuevo Vallarta. If you’re in need of an all-inclusive vacation, this place is hard to beat!

Sister and Sushi 

If there is one relationship that is like no other in my life, it is the one I have with my sister. A and I grew up just shy of two years apart so we shared our childhood, teen years, and, now, adult life together. We’ve been through the very worst and the very best times together and that is preciously what makes our relationship so deep and resounding, 

Tonight we shared three hours at the sushi bar together and I loved every second of it, including the sushi. There’s nothing quite as raw and re-invigorating as someone who knows you inside and out, someone who can finish your sentences, and someone who can laugh on que together. To all the women out there with a sister or best friend like this, give them a shout out tonight – they deserve it!