Mama Said 

It’s not often we take the time to reflect on the people who have positively influenced our lives. I’m proud to say that my mom is one of those people for me. My mom, a very zesty woman, is not one to shy away from speaking the truth. She has shared stories from her upbringing, life lessons, and advice for my uncharted journey forward. She’s always encouraged me to reflect, appreciate, and give back to others. So as mama said they’ll be days like this. I’m so proud to say that after the whole day with her, my mom is one of the radest people I know.

2017. to a healthier lifestyle. 

it was hard to make my resolution list this year. being that every year I get carried away and often times end up with some many ambitious goals, I don’t actually get half of them done. in a way, this approach was making me feel worse about my current goals and achievements, because I always ended up feeling not as accomplished as I could have been.
so, this year, I have made one primary goal – to live a healthier lifestyle. health touches so many aspects of our life from work, sleep, exercise, friendships, leisure, intimacy, and the list could continue on and on. this year, I am determined to be a healthier me which (hopefully) will be accomplished in many ways:

  • a healthier physique – including weigh loss and increased exercise
  • a healthier work schedule – including leaving work on time and taking breaks
  • a healthier sleep schedule – making sure I get enough sleep daily
  • a healthier friend – being a more reliable and present friend to others
  • a healthier mind – making time to read more
  • a healthier leisure time – making time for crafting, sewing, and tv
  • a healthier soul – journaling and blogging as a creative expression

this may take some time, as I have already had to shift my day to day activities to embrace this lifestyle change. but I feel fortunate to be able to recognize when I need to change and that I am dedicating myself to me.

this year is about taking a hold of my life and lifestyle. i am aiming to inspire one person and that is me. to push myself to be live well and to allow expression to come naturally. i know that I can inspire a truly happier and healthier me.        ~ m


Welcome to the AA. 

welcome to the avian angle. we are thrilled to share our new blog with you. this is a space for inspiring creativity in our daily lives and sharing what makes us feel whole. we strive for a richness in well being and a zesty taste in all things life.

some people recognize they are work-a-holics or routine diet-ers. some people are thrill-seekers or are still trying to find their passion. we say, break the mold and live in each moment. spend time with us exploring food, the outdoors, fashion, and the simplicity of life. you may just find your true self along the way.

this blog is about enjoying the journey, not necessarily striving for the end all. spread your wings and join us for a smooth sail.